mEET some of THE ELITE family


Renee started the company in 1999, when she had trouble finding a flexible caterer that could offer fusion cuisine for her own wedding. “Date night” back then, with her new restaurateur husband, was going to the Beavercreek Library and researching recipes to use in his latest concept. Today, she still spends hours researching (now on a computer) and crafting ideas to bring to the Dayton market.

Renee drives her team to be the leader in creative presentation and culinary innovation… only second to Elite’s customer service standards.

Outside of work, Renee is a dedicated soccer mom of 3 (ages 15, 12 and 8) and loves time at the lake to relax with her family and friends.

A new skill she hopes to master in 2019: Food Photography


Antwaun joined the company in 2004 as a part-time job, while in college. He has literally done every job in the company from dishwasher, to truck loader, to serving guests and then to running the kitchen. His vast knowledge of the “Elite-way” makes him a valuable resource for the employees but it is his caring nature and charisma that makes him an outstanding leader for the operations team.

Outside of work, Antwaun is an enthusiastic “cheer dad” of his 6 year old daughter (the cutest thing you have ever seen) and her mom-coach.

A new skill he hopes to master in 2019: Carpentry

Rachel Flemming, Event & Staffing Manager

Rachel has been with the company since 2016. She was promoted to an Event Manager 2 years ago and now handles all the staffing for events at Elite Catering. Balancing over 75 part-time employees schedules is not small task, but she handles it with ease. She also heads up the recruiting, hiring and on-boarding for our ever expanding team.

Outside of work she loves to spend time with her new baby granddaughter.

A new skill she hopes to master in 2019: Stand-up Comedy

Paul Maddox, Chef/Kitchen Manager

Paul has been with Elite Catering since its inception in 1999. Prior to Elite Catering, Paul was a Training Supervisor at a high-end seafood banquet center in Maryland. He started as a bartender and server but, because of his passion for culinary excellence, worked his way to Head Chef in 2013. Paul is responsible for recipe development, food inventory and production as well as managing the production staff in our commissary.

Paul is reminded (or blamed) every day that it was his bright idea back in 1999 to start a catering company when Renee was so displeased with the catering options for her own wedding. “It cant be that hard”, he said. Famous last words…


Jennifer’s background as an Interior Designer prior to joining the company in 2009 has served our clients well. Her eye for detail is unmatched and in the last 10 years she has become an expert in all things EVENTS.

Jennifer now leads the Elite team of Event Directors and Managers that handle our exclusive venue contracts, social and gala clients, as well as corporate and wedding clients.

Outside of work, Jennifer loves to take art classes, and spend time with her family. You might find her and her husband rocking on their front porch with their two pups (picture a Norman Rockwell painting) at night, bourbon in hand.

A new skill she hopes to master in 2019: Calligraphy


Zabrina joined the company in 2015 as an event server on the weekends to supplement her income as a full-time mental health professional (you can imagine how that skill set comes in handy in the event industry).

She quickly was recognized for her leadership ability and attention to detail. She became an Event Manager in 2016 and lead hundred’s of successfully orchestrated events. Early in 2018, she choose to jump in with both feet and join us full-time as an Event Director.

A new skill she hopes to master in 2019: Yoga


Sydney moved to Dayton in the winter of 2017 from Las Vegas (poor girl) where she worked for years at Marriott International. She was our point-of-contact at a venue partner and we quickly fell in love with her. She joined our team in July and as we expected, it’s like she has been in our family forever! Her can-do attitude and attention to detail makes her a client favorite as well.

A new skill she hopes to master in 2019: Snow boarding


Sarah was one of the first people Renee hired at her restaurant in 1998. She worked as a server while going to college and became a Manager before moving back home (northern Ohio) to help run her own family’s restaurant. Sarah was an integral part of Elite Catering’s inception back in 1999 and we are so excited to welcome her home at Elite now that she has moved back to Dayton for good!

Additional Staff Support

We have 22 full-time staff members with over 4 years of service with Elite Catering and an additional group of more than 75 part-timers to handle the busiest of days.  We require 100% of our staff to pass a Federal Background check upon hiring.